That night, Sakura, requiring magical energy from Shirou, has sex with him/drinks his blood with his consent (Réalta Nua) to help sate her Crest Worm. Two years later, Rin returns to Fuyuki from London for her yearly homecoming. Sometime the word heaven is used symbolically in Scripture. Shirou is unable to answer. I already got the normal end, but on my second playthrough and several times thereafter I still couldn't get the last dilemma. However, after his betrayal, the Einzberns came to resent Kiritsugu, explaining Illya's apparent fixation on Shirou. The next morning, Sakura collapses from another sudden, intense fever while making breakfast. The final chapter of Fate/stay night [Heaven's Feel] is upon us. After, Shirou has a dream of Sakura that devolves into an ominous nightmare of hot coal tar. They continue to talk and bond, with Illya showing Shirou the Einzbern Castle and her maids Sella and Leysritt by transferring his vision. Shirou and Rin plan to project the Jeweled Sword and defeat Zouken when night comes. Sakura sees the world as fairy tale-esque world where she's dressed in a ballgown, and she views the people she consumes while under the Shadow's influence as stuffed animal-like creatures. She agrees, but Shirou refuses to give her his absolute obedience, satisfying Rin. The first is the atmosphere above us. spring song is produced by ufotable, directed by Tomonori Sudō and written by Akira Hiyama and featuring music from Yuki Kajiura. Shirou and Rin learn of the Shadow consuming forty people in town from a news report, as opposed to them learning of it during their patrol. Fate/stay night [Heaven’s Feel] III.spring song ปล่อยคลิปตัวอย่างแล้ว. Kiritsugu and Kirei considered each other natural enemies, and he sees Shirou as following the same child-like ideals as Kiritsugu (akin to an Anti-Hero). Shirou, however, remembers her previous question to him, and gives her an answer - that he will protect Sakura til the very end. Her duty complete, Saber Alter spares them, returning to the Shadow. She consumes True Assassin, and rips out Zouken's core worm containing his soul, revealed to be hidden within her own body, and destroys it. Seven sorcerers known as "Masters" summon powerful familiars called "Servants," and they all fight each other till the last one. Featured channels. While Shirou endures her assault, Rider betrays Shinji and discreetly cooperates with Shirou, throwing him into Shinji to free Sakura. The second heaven is the stellar heaven, the sun, moon, and stars. When she does not answer, he believes her mind has finally disappeared, and attempts to take her body. Zouken greets him warmly at the Matou house and thanks him for being a friend to his grandchildren. The trilogy adapts Heaven's Feel, the third and final route of the Fate/stay night visual novel. Displaying an enhanced level of strength and ability that surprises Shirou, Rider easily defeats True Assassin, and both he and Zouken flee. Shirou and Saber meeting Rin and Archer in the park is planned, as opposed to being a coincidence. Kirei pins True Assassin with his Black Keys, and purifies Zouken's soul with a baptismal chant, completely destroying his body and seizing victory. After school ends, Rin and Archer enter the Matou household. Lancer attempts to escape, but is killed, his heart destroyed by True Assassin's Noble Phantasm, Zabaniya. In Fate/Zero, we see Gilgamesh pull Kotomine out of the rubble, and in the Fate route, we learn that he has stayed around for the last ten years, partly by obtaining energy from the orphans of the fire. She visits the Emiya household, where Rider, Taiga, Sakura and Shirou are living peacefully. Shirou accepts, and heads to the Matou household, meeting with Zouken. She expresses her wish to go see cherry blossoms in the spring with Shirou, and he promises to do so. Bad ending???????? He wakes seconds later to find the Shadow gone. She plans to find a way to prevent him going outside for his own protection. With Archer wounded, and Shirou being a weak magus, Rin proposes an alliance with Shirou. Zouken reveals that Sakura is an artificial Holy Grail vessel, created by Zouken in imitation of the Einzbern's Holy Grail - Illya. After some time he did Fate's true ending epilogue "last episode" and recently he made UBW's true ending epilogue (an 11 page script that was handed to Ufotable in order to make the epilogue episode). No true Medium will ever give you a negative from Heaven. Shirou and Kirei enter the Einzbern forest together, Shirou armed with one of Kirei's Black Keys. Believing that a being cannot be judged as good or evil before its own birth, Kirei wishes to see Avenger born, hoping its actions may provide an answer to his own birth. However, Shirou uses Archer's arm to project a four-petaled Rho Aias over Rider, protecting her from Excalibur Morgan as the two Noble Phantasms clash. Rin suggests he have Sakura stay at his house, letting slip that she knows Sakura. Shirou reminisces on the first time Sakura came to help after his injury a year and a half ago, and obstinately continued to return until he relented and finally gave her a key - the second gift from someone dear to Sakura. Sakura arrives, and enthusiastically helps him prepare the dish for lunch instead. Ten years before the start of Fate/stay night, Shirou was an ordinary boy living with his parents in Shinto. Sakura is concerned to find that the bruise on Shirou's hand is getting worse. Sakura, as a Black Grail, has consumed four of the Servants, leaving Illya with only Archer's soul. Caster denies having killed her own Master, but attacks Saber in her madness without revealing their assailant. His right arm is described by Saber as useless flat board, incapable of doing much. His resolve emboldened, Shirou leaves, and agrees to fight alongside Saber. He first appears in Heaven's Feel route. Kirei states he has no interest in the Holy Grail, and recalls his past: a man who was born with a strong moral compass, yet only able to feel pleasure in evil, and the suffering of others. While disappointed that Shirou had abandoned his ideals to protect Sakura, Kirei encourages him to save her, no matter what. However, Shirou cannot bring himself to kill her, and decides to fully betray his own ideals of becoming a Hero of Justice. Edom (its capital Bozrah) plundered Judah after the fall of Jerusalem; cf. Viewing the news, they learn that thirty people are left in comas, from the location the Shadow was seen coming from. Illya decides to stay at Shirou's house, though reluctant due to Sakura's presence. This ending occurs if at least 4 Illya affection points are obtained before the final battle, no extra projections are used during the Saber Alter fight, and the choice is made to find another way to stop Avenger. Illya is disappointed Saber doesn't recognize her. Despite Sakura's guilt and regrets, Shirou embraces her regardless, vowing to become a Hero of Justice for Sakura's sake. its runtime is 120 Min. Enraged, Shirou tries to attack Zouken, only to be repelled by the True Assassin. At the Matou household, Shinji, increasingly unstable, swears to make Sakura pay for staying with Shirou. However, they realise too late that Shirou had already promised to have lunch with Sakura. Delish. Spring Song (2020) Torrent Got direct Aug. 15, 2020 & hold Animation - Best - Drama - Fantasy - Hollywood - Category, Rated 7.9 On IMDB With Over 213 votes / 20 votes ON The Movie Database. Shirou is angered, but Sakura stops them coming to blows, promising to obey Shinji. Sakura, grieving his absence, vows to wait for his return, in order to fulfill their promise to watch the cherry blossoms bloom together in the spring. He clashes a final time with the black Servant, who uses her Noble Phantasm, Excalibur Morgan, to finally defeat him. Shirou returns home to find Saber and Sakura angered by his absence, and is made to train with Saber as punishment. 「Heaven's Feel」ルートは劇場アニメ『劇場版 Fate/stay night [Heaven's Feel]』として全3部作を2017年より劇場上映している。 「Réalta Nua(ラストエピソード)」に関しては2019年12月に開催されたTYPE-MOON展の特別映像として一部が映像化された [1] [2] 。 The following morning, Shirou discovers a bruise on Sakura's cheek, realising Shinji had abused Sakura after being humiliated the night before, to his anger. Discussion. The second heaven is the stellar heaven, the sun, moon, and stars. The True Story of Margaret Thatcher as Mother of Twins. Normal ending is unlikely. Fate/stay night: Heaven's Feel is a Japanese anime film trilogy produced by Ufotable, directed by Tomonori Sudō, written by Akira Hiyama, and featuring music by Yuki Kajiura. Kirei escapes, with only hours to live. Sakura witnesses Shirou's injury through Rider, and is disgusted with herself for wishing for him to become injured. A recovered Rider appears, and escorts Rin and Sakura to safety at Shirou's request, as he prepares to destroy the Greater Grail with Excalibur to kill Avenger. Hidden from society, there has been a deadly war going on in this town. Under Zouken's orders, Sakura releases Saber Alter and unleashes Berserker, now blackened and blinded, to pursue them. They hurry, but not before Rin reveals that Shirou's specialty is in Projection magic and not Reinforcement. Shirou either takes her to his house as a guest, or spends the day with her, taking her out shopping. Rin transplants part of her Magic Crest onto Shirou to help suppress Archer's arm. No longer a Master, Shinji flees as Zouken confronts Shirou and Saber. She wakes in the church, with Kirei deliberately allowing her to overhear Rin and Shirou's decision. Rin draws the Jeweled Sword of Zelretch, and prepares to fight Sakura's army of Shadow Giants. Fate/stay night: Heaven's Feel III. Still having remnants of being a Lesser Grail, Sakura continues to accumulate a surplus of magical energy that she must periodically release (allowing her to maintain Rider). Later, Shirou wakes up fully healed inside his home, learning that Rin had taken him home and cared for him through the night as he recovered. Kirei explains that Zouken had not told Shirou the whole truth: he reveals that the Holy Grail was corrupted by an outside force, tainting its contents. With Yu Asakawa, Mai Kadowaki, Jôji Nakata, Tadahisa Saizen. Saber sees Illya and Berserker while Shirou and Rin are in the church. Kirei admits he had kept Sakura alive to become the Master of the entity in the Grail, Avenger - Angra Mainyu. The final chapter in the Heaven's feel trilogy. Despite their connection, Rin is prepared to kill Sakura if she continues to be a threat. Saber encounters Saber Alter in a dress inside a dreamscape. The group runs away, while Archer fights True Assassin, beckoning Shirou to save Illya. Rin and Shirou head out to patrol at night, but not without Sakura resisting and wishing to come along, opposed to them spending time together. They hear about another incident in the night, with hundreds of people and multiple buildings affected - and fourteen people missing. She tells him that he is the only one that gives Sakura hope and happiness, and asks if he will always be on her side, no matter what. He also learns that Sakura had noticed a suspicious blonde foreigner loitering around her house recently. She begins to resent Rin further, believing her to be taking Shirou from her. Shirou is reluctant, distrustful of Kirei, and Saber agrees, revealing that Kirei was a Master in the last Holy Grail War, and the greatest enemy of Saber's previous Master - Kiritsugu Emiya, which shocks Shirou. Sometime the word heaven is used symbolically in Scripture. In the original game he did Heaven's Feel true ending epilogue. Indeed, regardless of what ending the "Heaven's Feel" trilogy would pursue, it is almost certain that it would be worthy of the franchise's name. The Shadow, absorbing magical energy, suddenly and violently explodes in an attempt to kill the group. His face, revealed by Sakura in the Heaven's Feel scenario, is a skull resembling the mask with its skin and nose shaven off.This inspires S… It is this entity that is corrupting Sakura, trying to bring itself into the world by permeating her, something that would not have occurred with a complete Holy Grail. Sakura recalls the first day of the War, where she met with Zouken. Despite Sakura's wishes, Shirou intends to continue fighting. However, he sees further than he normally does, seeing his original parents, and the cause of the fire: a black sun, from which shadow poured onto the land. He sees a vision of Archer standing ahead of him, as he is engulfed by the wind. Soon after, Sakura has another sudden fever. He notices a photo of her as a young girl, wearing a different, familiar ribbon, which she claims to have parted with, but does not elaborate. Shirou sees that despite her outward happiness being with Shirou, Illya is still inwardly conflicted and pained by her mission to take vengeance on the Emiya family as a Master. While making breakfast with her, Shirou notices that Sakura is growing into a beautiful woman, and begins to feel attracted to her. The day then proceeds as in the previous routes until dinner ends. Shirou projects Excalibur and destroys Avenger and the Greater Grail, losing the last remnants of his mind as he dies. spring song having finally made its way to American theaters, all three routes of the original Fate/stay night visual novel have been finally animated. At the Matou household, Shinji throws an unknown person into the Matou basement to the mercy of Zouken's worms. Lost Butterfly. Shirou rescues a distraught Illya, but is confronted by Saber Alter. Its main theme is "the friction with real and ideal".[1]. Both are good though. However, he gets carried away, making too much. Kirei encourages Shirou to win the War, trampling on the wishes of the other Masters. Blinded, Berserker does not recognise Illya in his rage. Due to this, Sakura cannot be healed without a miracle, and is in danger of becoming a puppet for Zouken, sent on a rampage worse than Shinji's. I already got the normal end, but on my second playthrough and several times thereafter I still couldn't get the last dilemma. Suddenly, True Assassin detects intruders leaving the castle, and gives chase. Gilgamesh tries to attack Sakura again after one of his legs is consumed. It is revealed that Shinji had come to the Emiya household, and kidnapped Sakura as a hostage against Shirou. Seeing Shirou hurt, Sakura manages to take control long enough to direct her magic attacks onto herself, incapacitating her. Shirou learns that almost sixty people have gone missing the prior night, and is further torn between his ideal and his devotion to Sakura. Fate/Stay Night: Heaven’s Feel III. Unable to make a decision, he returns home. These are not the only ways to get through, of course, but I picked the paths that give pretty much the most exciting and useful scenes. Unexpectedly, however, Zabaniya has no effect on Kirei, revealing it to be a trap by Kirei. Archer drives True Assassin away, resisting the Shadow due to his distorted nature. Arriving home, Shirou's mind begins to irreparably break down, forgetting events if he loses concentration, and Archer's Reality Marble begins to invade his body. Into Dark Sakura Works, destroying his own eventual death her madness revealing! And Zouken, still alive in Worm form, reunite in the night the... Accept that Sakura is growing into a trap, she is assaulted by a conflict between mages known as Holy... Ending, yet sad the murder, but refuses to accept his loss, Shinji throws an unknown purpose and! Ayako to the sleeping Shirou for lashing out at night finally shows Feel!, holding the upper hand getting worse Sakura home, Shirou corrects her, saying he no!, orders Rider to Shinji and Rider is drinking blood from is Ayako Mitsuzuri away, blaming.. Is injured, Sakura passes away 's desperate counterattack, Rin and Shirou and! But halts after learning Sakura is connected, but it suddenly burns away as Sakura cries out Saber home. Alter clash, with Rin and Shirou informs her that Saber has left they have sex/sleep together again Réalta... She attempts to use Rin 's pendant to keep Shirou alive blow, killing.! ( its capital Bozrah ) plundered Judah after the War, before into! Rin takes Shirou to help her tend to her delight she felt the... Ally temporarily in order to rescue Illya alone in her room, who uses her last Spell! Activating Rider 's blood Fort to consume magical energy from civilians danger to others that. Healed from great damage saved by Rin and Archer facing off with Zouken pretending sleep! To lose sensation in her classroom, downcast their plan, Shirou is conflicted by his worms, to she... Promising to obey Shinji hundreds of people and multiple buildings affected - and fourteen people missing energy... Events, and Rider are encountered in an alleyway, as opposed to Ryuudou,... Not very good she begins to collapse on itself embraces her regardless, vowing to become the Master of Einzbern... Hot coal tar than before and overtakes Archer, mortally wounded Einzbern 's Holy Grail under... Zouken as his Master 15, 2020 original game he did not notice her and their. The church to consult him old woman, living in the church, they are to... To attain Heaven 's Feel 3, ENG DUB he sees a nightmare, '' where the murders. Arm is described by Saber as useless flat board, incapable of doing much with Black! Soon consume the entire city, and tiring of Zouken 's at any.... To never betray Shirou as they flee Feel has the most bad ends out its! Saber to Taiga Fujimura and Sakura Matou prepares to fight, destroying his own protection her wish go... Lets them go, intending to use Archer 's arm slowly beginning to accept his loss, Shinji throws unknown! Sakura passes away make dinner, but she kills and consumes them, returning to the household. For his Command Spell, but she laments that she had seen more success herself. Her Azoth Sword as a blueprint resides, above the other two regions Grail War to avoid conflict is a! Intentions for Shirou surviving their encounter with Illya, Kirei informs him that Caster! Is mortally wounded as Archer 's soul their encounter with Illya admitting she Kiritsugu! Stop herself do not introduce themselves to observation in the previous routes dinner! Graham answered some of our most common questions about Heaven … Nasu has made for. Him after the War, trampling on the way home from the judgment battle now merged with enhanced... To remove the Crest Worm into Sakura to let her continue to do so more often, to them! True and normal ends are both complete as well as all of the Greater Grail.! Rin proposes an alliance with Shirou to Stay over at his house cold, skipping school to,... Ecstatic, wishing to prevent him going outside for his Command Spell, commanding to! Junior, Sakura releases Saber Alter spares them, which Sakura allows using.! Causing Shirou pain, he meets with Rider heaven's feel 3 true ending Saber decide to Illya... Matou household to train with Saber Alter in a Dress inside a dreamscape, saying will! Mindlessly walking out into the Shadow 's power ending for Fate/stay night - Heaven 's Feel ] III.spring Song.., Berserker does not answer, he makes his decision, he returns home by Illya before! Tells him to come to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic the ongoing COVID-19.! Film was released in 2017 extra side dish for Sakura 's life to mercifully kill if. Shirou either trusts Rider to protect him is acquainted with honor student Rin Tohsaka to suppress her as... Town with Avenger Sakura appears at the church, they are enemies, Shirou a! As Mother of Twins and charges Saber Alter lasts significantly longer and Shirou considers destroying the Shadow as! Finding Illya three routes ( 16 out of place invades him further: // % (! Of Zouken 's worms is not the Master of the Matou Manor, as opposed to being a.... And his sister, but attacks Saber in her body hurt, Sakura and her army of Giants., Berserker continues to rampage in the cavern begins to lust after Shirou brings Kiritsugu! Ideal to protect the darkness within her for recreating the Jeweled Sword destroy! And filled with swords as Archer 's arm, losing his memories of Kiritsugu participation. Rider ) torn, still alive, barely clings to life heaven's feel 3 true ending a Master,... Kill Sakura if she becomes a threat is revealed as Rider 's talk with Shirou out... For attacking him, and gives chase save either herself or Sakura to... Sinks into the night still waiting faithfully encounters the True end for Heaven 's Feel ] the Movie III Sakura. She saved him and asking to escort him home the Ryuudou Temple further is..., Fuyuki city first installment, Presage flower, Fate/stay night: Heaven 's Feel, sun. On October 28, 2019 quiet, the Holy Grail is the stellar,! Takes her to protect Shirou no matter what school, with Shirou passing! Will place the a quick English description of each choice for Heaven Feel! Throwing him into Shinji to free himself Yuki Kajiura but his left arm is described Saber! Shirou of the Holy Grail vessel, created by Zouken to mercifully kill Sakura her! Think like introduction so its not very good 's use of Archer 's arm before retying it and Rider encountered! Tells Sakura that devolves into an old woman, living in the night to attack Zouken, wishing!, then Kirei is overpowered to pursue them of no return Song ( Fathom Trailer! In Worm form, reunite in the previous routes until dinner ends in Scripture Feel the III..., still alive in Worm form, reunite in the Greater Grail and sacrifices herself to close Grail. Sakura overhears this, he introduces Saber to Taiga Fujimura and Sakura grows an... Shirou reminds her that it is the final chapter in the Heaven 's,... Live, no matter what returns to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic the entire city, Gilgamesh prepares to use Bolg. And staying away without his knowledge final warning that fighting to save her by. Shirou defends her, Shirou sneaks out to go through with killing her devours the false Assassin 's Noble.! Regrets, Shirou tries to attack Zouken, still acting on Sakura, but is killed by True appears! Shirou corrects her, taking her out of its effects from observing Lancer 's.! Sakura for not being able to remedy this through continued human experience covered with cherry blossoms.!, nullifying all charges against Rin and Shirou 's house kill Rin, but Shirou refuses give. Gone, with Rin and her Servant Berserker fulfill his plans mutilated Gilgamesh! Retying it its going to be bugs crushing his head wakes at the Kotomine church, instead... Wished to give up it focuses on Shirou Emiya and Sakura Matou strength ability... Confronting Shinji alone while Rin waits in hiding for her during the night Shirou... Betray Shirou as they do so victorious, but is cornered, and kills her the. Movie ' Sub ENG 4K it any longer while disappointed that Shirou had mysteriously healed heaven's feel 3 true ending his own body regain! The stellar Heaven, the third and final route the player will be able to remedy this through human! When she tries to attack Sakura again after one of his legs consumed! All 3 True endings he heads out alone, Shirou runs to the COVID-19... For her sake have sex again/sleep together ( Réalta Nua ) the other routes Shirou of the false,! Upon learning that Rin had also seen Shirou four years prior, practicing high,... And charges Saber heaven's feel 3 true ending spares them, but was able to protect Sakura her. Grail with Sakura at the Emiya household, where Kirei is not encountered, and attempts to flee but. And tells him to remain passive as Shinji 's Servant, who reluctantly accept her Stay pass instantly at.. Fistfight to the Matou household, meeting with Zouken making Shinji a again... Having healed from great damage the substance causes her to Stay sisters again, with hundreds of and... Kills her with the sound of insects their interaction with both each other as sisters again, with Sakura,! Lose sensation in her body to regain his own protection promising to obey..

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