With this color arrangement, a maximum of eight players can engage. But if you are not a professional, any size between 1.3-1.5 pounds won’t feel awkward for casual fun. Standard competitive balls tend to be between 100mm and 115mm in diameter. The carrying case is perfectly suited to the kit, making storage and transport a breeze. Keep in mind, however, that the regulation size balls are too big for kids’ hands, and they might be a bit too heavy for comfort if seniors join the game as well. But if you want something a little more luxurious, the Japer Bees Bocce Ball Set is a good choice. (2 lbs.) Manufacturer: Perfetta. 1. The material allows you to play on the beach, park, backyard or indoors. ROPODA 90mm Bocce Ball Set with 8 Balls, Pallino, Case and Measuring Rope for Backyard, Lawn, Be… Bocce is normally considered a sunshine pastime, but some enthusiasts like to play under cover of night. Small kids might not be able to grip it well. The Hathaway Deluxe Bocce Ball Game Set was The Hathaway Deluxe Bocce Ball Game Set was created with the competitive player in mind. Playaboule Patented V3 DLX Lighted Bocce Ball Set. Furthermore, Bocce ball is a competitive game and surprisingly quite addictive, but fret not, it’s a healthy addiction. Manufacturer: Hey Play! Bocce is a simple game that doesn’t require a great number of accessories. Also, it has this beautiful glossy finish that gives the balls a unique look, making them stand out from the rest. If you prefer soccer, here are our reviews of the best portable soccer goals. We’d definitely recommend this for physically impaired seniors who want to avoid getting hurt while playing. The solid polyresin construction is of extremely high quality, which you’ll notice when you first wrap your hand around one. Park and Sun Sports Pro Elite 109mm Bocce Set. Made in Italy Pro bocce ball set. Trademark Games Bud Light 100mm Bocce Ball Set. HARVIL also makes good economical bocce ball sets with your choice of smaller balls (more appropriate for kids) or larger balls (more appropriate for adults), both made of poly-resin.The smaller balls are 90mm in diameter and each weighs 1.6 pounds. Bocce ball is a high-paced fun outdoor game that has graduated into an international sport with official regulations. The 10 Best Casein Protein Powders to Buy in 2020, Top 10 Best Volleyball Shoes to Buy In 2020, The 10 Best Knee Compression Sleeves to Buy in 2020, The 10 Best Lacrosse Helmets to Buy in 2020, What to Look for When Choosing a Bocce Ball Set, What to Avoid When Choosing a Bocce Ball Set, The 9 Best Compact Treadmills to Buy in 2020, The Complete Guide to Buying a Bocce Ball Set, Things to Consider When Choosing a Bocce Ball Set. To purchase a St.Pierre Tournament Bocce set, please see our “Find a Retailer” page. It even gives dual scoring patterns accommodating at least two to four-player engagement. Additionally, the material used to craft it makes it ideal for virtually any surface, from grass to sand and even hard-textured surfaces. Perfetta Club Pro Solid Color Bocce Ball Set 107mm Made in Italy. Games will be held at the Burton Park's Bocce Courts. Perfetta Club Pro Bocce Ball Set 107mm Made in Italy This is the classic tournament size set to consider, which is made in Italy where the game was born. As such, they are sure to withstand pressure over time. bocce ball set has a zippered carrying bag for easy transport to parks, beaches and family gatherings. The kit comprises eight 100mm balls, a pallino and a carrying bag for storage and transport. This kit comes with a nifty canvas carrying case, wooden pallino, measuring tape and eight metal bocce balls. With this package, you have no worries when it comes to moving this set from point A to B. Furthermore, each color set is designed as a circle or square cut. In the first place, we have the Hey! Whether you're a serious player or looking for a quality game for the entire family, the Park & Sun Sports bocce ball set has everything you need for a great experience. As such, a good bocce ball cannot just have a wide diameter and must not be made of cheap materials. Play Bocce Ball Set has got all you need for your outdoor fun. A: Bocce ball sets comprise 8 balls, 4 on each side. Best Premium Pick: Viva Sol Bocce Ball Set. Park and Sun Sports Pro Elite 109mm Bocce Set. Even more, get registered online for a lifetime warranty offer, you’ll easily agree it doesn’t get better than this. However, when the batteries do run out, they’re unfortunately not replaceable, so you’ll have to be a DIY wizard to get the balls lit up again. Perfetta Club Pro Set. All in all, enjoy yourself and creative with this set. The material also ensures that the balls don’t crack or chip easily upon impact with other balls, walls, or gaming surfaces. They’re also lighter and don’t provide any extra functionality to the playing experience. PLAY LIKE THE PROS: The A11N Regulation Size Watch; Indoor Bocce Ball 9 Piece Set. Keep these points in mind when making your selection. This is … Do you need the best bocce balls set that will … What Is the Standard Size of a Bocce Court? Additional Features. All eight balls come in a four circle cut and four square cut design, in addition to the Pallino. Best 7 Bocce Balls Sets Review! Phil Ferrari, a U.S National Singles Champion and three time Gold Medalist, created and founded the World Bocce League to provide players with a unique experience and to introduce this world renowned game to a new generation of players. Even more, players of all ages and skill levels can jump in on this source of outdoor entertainment. However, step into the spectator area of a bocce tournament and you’ll immediately feel the intensity in the room. $44.99. Best Overall Pick: Play Platoon Bocce Ball Set, 2. Both overhand and underhand throwing are fair play in bocce. Bigger is for bigger hands and smaller is for smaller hands. Pre-Owned. Bocce Ball Set. The GoSport is further highly recommended for anyone looking into playing professional bocce ball and would like to get used to the playing conditions at a reasonable cost. For amateur players looking for a simple, fun time outdoors, there’s no need to break the bank to get a tournament-grade set that comes with a flashy carrying case. Watch; Vintage Sportcraft Bocce Ball Set # 01040/ 8 Balls + 2 Jack Balls - … Tips. Regular price $ 165.99 Sale price from $ 129.95 Perfetta Club Pro Solid Color Bocce Ball Set 107mm Made in Italy Regular price $ 165.99 Sale price $ 129.95 / Shipping calculated at checkout. Bocce is a competitive game that is an incredibly popular sport around the world. Lanes Rental Rates: $12 per player for 80 minutes of play time (includes instruction and equipment) We take bocce … Play ball set is suitable for different classes of players ranging from beginners to people who are already used to the game. $40.00. Standard regulation-sized balls weigh about two pounds and over. $20.00. 1. On top of this, you can carry your bocce balls easily with the accompanying bag which also has a sturdy handle for easy grip. The small measuring tape that comes with the kit is also a welcome inclusion that’s sure to come in handy when attempting to avoid disagreements between throws. It's alright if you don’t know where to start once you've decided to get a Bocce ball set. This set is best for those practicing … 15 Year Warranty against Cracking or Splitting. Be on the lookout for false titles given to certain sets, such as “tournament,” “competition” and “professional.” These fancy names are often used to falsely inflate the value of cheaper sets. No matter where you fit in, buying a good bocce ball set can be a task because there’s a ton of things to consider before it’ll actually suit your individual needs. Considering all the professional specs incorporated into this GoSports set, it’s still affordable. Weight - If your bocce ball is too light, it will be influenced too easily by elements of weather, such as wind. Why? However tournament- approved balls are usually made of quality plastic. Even more, if your product is delivered defective, you do not have to worry because you’ll get a replacement. Best prices on Professional bocce ball set in Outdoor Games & Fun. Neither rain nor sleet nor snow can keep true bocce ball enthusiasts from their game, especially when they come equipped with all-weather gear. We’re particularly stricken by the carrying case, which is a thing of beauty in itself. And for increased portability and safekeeping, the stylish carrying bag comes in handy. Aside from looking quite sharp — despite the fact that they’re round — the bocce balls are also made of high-quality resin, ensuring years of regular use. The metal is likely to peel off after repeat use, resulting in a less-than-ideal feel. The set further offers more player engagement with its multiple colored balls (red, green, blue, and yellow). 107MM RESIN PREMIUM SET. But that’s not all if you want to play on the beach or somewhere else that's far from home, a good transport bag is ideal. Hey! ), where you can find the updated prices, customer reviews and more product details. The larger balls … It contains four red balls and four green balls, a Pallino, and a lasting and easy-to-carry bag made up of … Along with user reviews from Amazon. Your whole family can take part in the game, since the balls are a breeze for kids and seniors to manipulate. Bocce ball set prices vary widely. Just looking at the carrier bag that comes with it and you’ll absolutely love the Harvil Bocce set. Each ball is made from a durable poly-resin composite material that can be played on a variety of surfaces, scored ... Quick View. Bocce Ball Set. Liven up picnics and backyard parties with this Hey! Perfetta 107mm Club Pro Bocce Ball Set. Its first known documentation was an Egyptian tomb painting dated from 5200 B.C. The balls are also filled with a liquid that may leak out when damaged. We love the swirly color pattern used in the design of the balls, and so will your kids. It further comes preloaded with a battery so you can simply take it out of the bag and get started. You’ve got kids? Furthermore, the balls are made out of poly-resin compound material to ensure the balls don’t crack or chip easily. Bocce balls come in a variety of weights and dimensions. The storage bag included in the bundle is water-resistant, compact and lightweight, allowing you to take your bocce dreams with you to the beach, barbecue, park or birthday party. GoSports 90mm Bocce Ball Set. But that’s even an advantage for kids, teens and beginner level players. Play Platoon also includes an automatic 1-year warranty with the purchase, so you’ll be covered should you find any defect in the kit. While it’s not quite suited for tournaments, it can still be used for hardcore practice sessions. Buy It Now +$29.00 shipping. ... St. Pierre Sports Professional Bocce Set. Be rest assured this isn’t one of those poorly constructed products that’ll crack or chip-off after a couple of rounds. Furthermore, the imbalance will make the gameplay awkward and uninteresting. This set by Franklin Sports is made to withstand a variety of weather conditions, ensuring that mother nature won’t get in the way of your bocce plans. With the balls … $44.99. There are a few options for bocce ball materials, the most common being resin-based material similar to what bowling balls are made of. Each Bocce Ball weighs two pounds two ounces. For young children and seniors, it’s best to avoid using large, heavy bocce balls, as it may cause them some strain. It equally delivers that full grip you’d expect from professional gaming equipment. As such, if you are shopping for fun and casual use, a full-size ball which is 100-107 mm used by professionals is not a must. We start our list with a set that sounds almost like perfection. The Hey! Now that we’ve gone through the fundamentals of the game and the most important things to keep in mind when choosing a set, you’re ready to get the ball rolling. Being lighter and filled with sand, they don’t offer the same sense of balance while throwing, which will impact the quality of the game. If you’re looking for a more expert quality bocce kit, ensure that the balls are of resin quality and follow standard specifications of weight and size. Best 7 Bocce Balls Sets Review! The same applies to metal bocce balls, though they may be heavier or lighter than the standard resin balls depending on their inner density. The kit comes with a carrying case, which is a welcome inclusion. However, it’s important to note that replacements will have to be purchased. You can buy an inexpensive set to enjoy on summer afternoons for about $15 or a quality set to … If you’re looking to pass this pastime onto your kids, this kit by Franklin Sports is sure to put a smile on their faces. And although the bag supplied isn’t well-cushioned or partitioned to hold the balls separately, it’ll hold up just fine. Most tournament-grade bocce balls are made from resin composite, so we’d suggest that material if your goal is playing at a competitive level. Full-Size Bocce Ball Set and enjoy unlimited bocce ball action with family and friends anywhere. What’s more, the small, white Pallino ball is just about 50mm, a little larger than some but still small enough to fit into the mouth of a kid. $63.60. As an unfortunate aside, the balls tend to go flat every few games, so you’ll have to come equipped with a pump to keep them inflated. Bocce ball is a simple game, but finding the perfect set for you and your loved ones can be easier said than done. Watch; Vintage Sportcraft Bocce Ball Set # 01040/ 8 Balls + 2 Jack Balls … And in the case that you want to take the entertainment far from home, it’s no hassle as the carrier bag makes it easy to transport your bocce balls. Gone are the days when you rain check your bocce plans as the heavy clouds roll in — with this kit, you’re able to play with the whole family and make the day a beautiful one regardless of the weather. In our product list below, we’ve identified ideal kits for both kids and seniors like the Rally and Roar SOFT Bocce Ball Set. If you plan on playing in your backyard, you won’t need a court, and can use a cheaper set if you choose. Italian regulation bocce ball sets by Perfetta. Hey! Check out Bizrate for great deals on popular brands like Champion, Franklin and Halex. Nevertheless, seniors will still have access to the fun and friendly competition that a game of bocce has to offer without the risk of hurting themselves. If you end up choosing this set, you’ll get high-quality, reliable and sturdy balls … Now you and the gang can catch up on some premium action with the GoSports 90mm Backyard Bocce Set. Proprietary blend solid phenolic resin plastic. And the reason why is because it’s made in Italy and is right up the standard of the upper echelon of Bocce ball players. This poly-resin material also gives the balls that solid-feel you’d expect during the game. Expensive: You should expect to pay between $65 and $100 for a professional-grade bocce ball set with perfectly balanced resin balls that roll straight and true. VIVA SOL BOCCE BALL $120. Copyright © 2018 Sportsglory Protection Status Play Platoon’s bocce ball set comes with everything you need to get a good game of lawn ball going. Laser engraved Made in Italy. Triumph Sports USA All Pro Bocce Set with Sling Sport Bag. This set includes everything needed to take your game to the next level. Best professional bocce ball set If you’re on the lookout for the best bocce ball set brands that will satisfy your wish to have a professional set, we recommend taking a look at St Pierre Sports Professional Bocce Set. Each color has two balls asides the Pallino ball and the entire package comes with a measuring rope. With just a push of a button, you’ll light up the yard and the games can begin. Franklin Advanced 100mm Bocce Set. Check it on Amazon. This set evokes the best of the Italian … Professional Bocce Ball Set Franklin / Riccardo Firenz /w Carry Canvas Bag. Still, it’s important that the kit you purchase comes with everything you need to get a game going. Watch; Indoor Bocce Ball 9 Piece Set. See more ideas about Bocce, Bocce ball, Bocce ball court. EPCO solid one-piece construction Tournament Professional Bocce sets/balls are manufactured with the highest quality of thermoset resin and crafted with precision roundness and balance to ensure the perfect game! This ROPODA 90mm Bocce Ball Set is another well-made piece that you can acquire without breaking the bank. Playset further features 4 green, 4 red 3.5 inches balls, and one 1.5-inch Pallino ball for all-round enjoyment. At the World Bocce League, you can download the traditional old world bocce ball rules to experience of one of the world’s greatest games. So, any size from 75-95mm will do just fine. Features. Let’s run you through the things to look out for when you want to purchase a set. These metal bocce balls by Star Quality Classic Game stand out from traditionally used material. Furthermore, it offers a dense/ solid feel, but this doesn’t come as a surprise since the bocce balls are made out of a quality resin material. $89.99. The Bocce Ball Court. Although the balls are marked, distinguishing which ones belong to their respective player can be difficult, especially on a sunny day. … FREE Shipping 1. Some manufacturers throw in a measuring tape or rope, while others don’t. A deluxe carry bag is included in this bocce ball set making it incredibly transportable and easy to store when not in use. This kit comes with eight all-weather balls, a pallino, measuring tape and carrying case, providing you with everything you need to get a good game going. At a fairly affordable price of $28.62, it spells fun for everyone. This Hey! Professional Bocce Ball Set Franklin / Riccardo Firenz /w Carry Canvas Bag. Whether it’s on grass, sand, on your lawn, or all the way to the beach, Hey! $89.99. The AmazonBasics Bocce Ball Set is a beautifully finished set of eight large green/ red, 100mm balls, and one white Pallino ball. There’s still more to the storage, many bags don’t come internally partitioned for neat arrangement. You can pay from $15 to more than $300, depending on quality and extras. If you love to stay active, check out the best dodgeballs on the market. The balls are made constructed so that they can roll quite easily on grass, dirt, or sand. Make sure you check for a good deal, get a bag furnished with a good handle for easy movement. The Franklin Sports 100mm Bocce ball set is a classic outdoor game that will bring hours of fun for all ages. The carrying case included in the kit is lightweight and portable, allowing even the youngest children to swing it around with ease. The balls include (2) red, (2) blue, (2) yellow and (2) green colors so you can differentiate your players. Colorful design for more  player engagement. That’s not all, the balls deliver a whole lot of versatility too. If you still prefer indoor games, make sure to check out the best air hockey tables to buy. Aug 29, 2013 - Explore Brent Calvert's board "Bocce" on Pinterest. DWYM Sports and Recreation Experts plus BestReviews, A Top Daily, Recreation Insider, Own The Yard. Whether you're working with limited space, or prefer to stay inside, this tabletop bocce ball set is a compact option that comes with everything you need to play year-round. That’s perfect, because whether they are teens, pre-teens, and even adults; anyone can have a go. At a finished size of 84mm, this play platoon set might not measure up to some other bocce balls or even the regulation-size. It comes with 8 large balls and a smaller white Pallino ball. ADD TO CART. Every ball must be the same diameter, same weight, and made with the same materials. This durable set was designed to withstand the elements of nature and the pressure while you play. If you’re planning to build a regulation bocce court (or have dreams of becoming a professional bocce ball player), you’ll need to top your court with processed oyster shell. Whether this is your first foray into bocce or you’re looking to upgrade to a newer kit, you can use this buying guide to find the set that’s made for you. And unlike some bags, it comes with a handle that offers easy grip as you transport your balls. The package itself contains a durable bocce ball set made out of premium poly-resin. If you have the extra cash, you may wish to go with the St Pierre Sports Professional 107mm Bocce Ball Set… Talk about dense and perfectly weighted, the GoSport 100 mm Regulation Bocce Ball Set checks all the boxes. Practicing with high-quality balls is a great way to maintain an edge over the competition, and your opponents will likely notice the difference once they face you in a tournament. Here are a few things to keep in mind throughout your search. The balls are made of a thermo-set composition resin and are … Limited Stock! If you’re on the lookout for the best bocce ball set brands that will satisfy your wish to have a professional set, we recommend taking a look at St Pierre Sports Professional Bocce Set. Play! While kids are free to join in on any bocce game, it helps when the balls are sized with their little hands in mind. This gives the kit a short shelf life that we’re not comfortable with. Play! ADD TO CART. Talkless of when you get a hold of the ball, you’ll be glad you made the purchase. However, some manufacturers make their balls with 4 different colors, with 2 sets sporting the same color. In terms of durability, the balls are crafted using durable poly-resin which does not only ensure the ball withstands pressure from repeated use, but it also contributes to that good-feel grip. as of November 18, 2020 9:58 am. Still, for those who take their bocce matters quite seriously, there’s no better kit than Baden Champions’. The balls are made of a thermo-set composition resin and are striped for 2 to 4 player competition. It also comes with a measuring rope, so there’s no need to spend any more cash on measuring tapes. This is needed to measure the distance between the player’s ball and the jack. If you are new to Bocce, then opting for a cheaper option like the Franklin Sports Bocce Ball Set could be the better option. Play! You can use this set to engage your kids at home, at recreational facilities, camps, and so on. Professional Quality, Play-at-Home Price. $20.00. The balls include 2 red, 2 blue, 2 yellow and 2 green colors so you can differentiate your players. Teams can register by filling out a Bocce Spring 2020 - Registration Packet. The Franklin Sports 100mm Bocce ball set is a classic outdoor game that will bring hours of fun for all ages. There’s also an instruction manual included for easy and straightforward use. Franklin Sports 90mm Soft Bocce Ball Set. The case is slightly too small to fit all the balls efficiently. Viva Sol’s Bocce Ball set includes eight 107mm Bocce Balls in a variety of colors, with one 60mm white pallino. A standard-size bocce court is typically 60 feet long by 12 feet wide, though these dimensions can be adjusted depending on the playing space available. What’s more, there’s no setting where you cannot enjoy this game, whether it’s with family and friends at home or at the beach where you’ve got tons of sand. Disclaimer: Clicking the device names or check price buttons will redirect you to the product listing on the appropriate Amazon.com (.co.uk, .de, etc. $29.99. The eight balls come in green and red to represent two teams and are made with heavy-duty resin-composite material for outdoor durability. If you are looking for some other outdoor sports to play, here are some top basketball hoops. Bocce went on to travel to Asia and the Middle East, after which point it was taken on by the Greeks and eventually the Romans. Best for Playing at Night: Water Sports Lighted Bocce Set, 8. The main downside here is that this set doesn’t include a measuring device, which is disappointing considering how expensive it is, even within its premium category. On the other hand, if you’re a competitive player, you might want to invest in a premium set. Franklin Sports 90mm Soft Bocce Ball Set. If you like playing games similar to bocce, you might also like to check out these best putting mats as well. As such, if you’re interested, you’ll likely fall into the category of a casual player, a professional, or an aspiring professional. Altogether, it’s a great buy, but note that it doesn’t come with a warranty. If you want to play some other fun and easy game, don’t forget to browse our list of the best dartboards. Like many bocce balls, the set is designed in different colors so you can benefit from the variety it offers. Best Metal Bocce Ball Set: Star Quality Classic Boules Set, Best Overall Pick: Play Platoon Bocce Ball Set, Best Premium Pick: Viva Sol Bocce Ball Set, Best Budget Pick: FunStuff 4 Player Economy Bocce Ball Set, Best for Serious Players: Baden Champions Bocce Ball Set, Best for Seniors: Rally and Roar SOFT Bocce Ball Set, Best Travel Set: Rally and Roar Bocce Set, Best for Playing at Night: Water Sports Lighted Bocce Set, Best All-Weather Set: Franklin Sports Bocce Ball Set, Best for Kids: Franklin Sports Soft Bocce Ball Set, Best Metal Bocce Ball Set: Star Quality Classic Boules Set, what to avoid when choosing a bocce ball set, Comes With: 8 balls, pallino, measuring tape, carrying case and 1-year warranty, Comes With: 8 balls, pallino, high quality carrying case with bottle opener, Comes With: 8 balls, pallino, carrying case, Comes With: 8 balls, pallino, measuring tape and carrying bag, Comes With: 8 balls, pallino, measuring tape and carrying case, Comes With: 8 balls, measuring tape, pallino and carrying case, Comes With: 8 balls, pallino and carrying case. This technique is known as “spocking”. You see, the fun isn’t impaired and in any way with a smaller ball. Weight also goes with the size. Bocce after dark is a magical experience — with everything shrouded in darkness except for the balls, your focus is funneled entirely on the game. With quite an affordable price, you can acquire the Hey! Professional bocce ball set Place Image Product Information Score Stores; 1: ApudArmis Bocce Balls Set, Outdoor Family Bocce Game for Backyard/Lawn/Beach - Set of By apudarmis 9.7 Strategic players can use this to their advantage, aiming their throws so as to impair their opponents’ vision in-game — though that might be too dark a tactic to use in casual play. But most cheaply made balls are made using low quality plastic. Professional bocce … Best Premium Pick: Viva Sol Bocce Ball Set, 3. View It on Amazon. However, more experienced players might have some additional preferences in mind. Even more, if you are a bocce ball beginner, but also like to add some class and style to it, look no further. For the select few who have progressed their bocce skills to a competitive level, this next kit is the ideal choice for tournament play. Best for Kids: Franklin Sports Soft Bocce Ball Set, 10. Bocce is actually an ancient sport. The balls are coated in high-quality polyresin overlaying a solid core. Bocce Standards Association has chosen the International Standard ball diameter of 107 mm (4.2 inches) and weight of 920gms. This bocce ball is delivered as a full-sized set with a diameter of 4.2 inches or 107mm. It doesn’t feel small in the palms at all, with a grip at a diameter of 3.5 inches. This product guide was written by Jordan Carter, I confirm I wish to sign up to the Gear Hungry mailing list, 9 GoSports 100mm Regulation Bocce Ball Set, 10Playaboule Patented 4 Color Lighted Bocce Set. The balls and pallino are regulation size, so they’re great practice for any tournament venue. However, the case is of low quality, and can be hard to open at times. It’s been elegantly designed, made from all-wood with a two-tone walnut finish. In addition, it comes with a carrier bag so you can safely store your bocce ball and equally carry them from place to place without the risk of getting misplaced. Wooden bocce balls provide more of a traditional feel, though they’re much less popular than their counterparts these days. Tournament grade Bocce ball sets are available with 100 mm to 115 mm diameter balls. Size - You must have heard that saying before that “size doesn’t matter”, but in the game of bocce ball size is everything. Best professional bocce ball set. or Best Offer +$28.10 shipping. Super Martel has been creating professional Bocce balls since 1950. That’s another plus because most regulation-sized balls come in at two pounds as well. Pre-Owned. ROPODA 90mm Bocce Ball Set with 8 Balls, Pallino, Case and Measuring Rope for Backyard, Lawn, Beach & More (4 to 8 Person Bocce Ball Set) Free on Bocce Sets… Welcome. The ROPODA 90mm Bocce Ball Set and the Play Platoon Bocce Ball Set are extremely affordable for all, while the GoSports 100mm Regulation Bocce Ball Set come in at a slightly higher price point. So if you have kids or elderly playing too than I’d recommend going with a 74mm – 100mm set to accommodate for … A good quality regulation size bocce ball set will typically cost around $100, and to build the court will be about $10 a square foot, or $25 a square foot to have it done professionally. Best Budget Pick. So, if you are a professional, or perhaps just getting ready for the pro leagues, this might not be ideal as they are a bit smaller compared to the regulation-sized balls used in standard tournaments. You’ll find everything you need within its packaging to get a heart-pounding game of bocce going — except for some teammates and opponents, that is. If you’re looking to play with metal bocce balls, check out this set by Star Quality Classic Game. Some Bocce ball sets are quite budget-friendly while others are more luxurious and, therefore, more expensive. There are three options for ball sizes, which allow for the accommodation of players of all ages and skill levels.

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