Crops split leaf philodendron outdoors plant annually to remove dead stalks, leaves and flowers. Still, set indoor plants outside at least once a year in direct sunlight to encourage lush growth. This evergreen prefers bright, indirect sunlight in temperatures that remain consistently between 65 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit. If the leaves are brown and falling off, the plant is … But this type of light can’t develop the proper growth of leaves. For this reason, it is suitable to grow split-leaf philodendron in the summer season or you can put it in the direct sun in winter. Water: Water when the top inch of soil dries out. This plant is not planted in full sun, but it likes medium lighting or indirect sunlight. Common Problems, Pests & Diseases & How to Treat Them. Even the internet cannot seem to come to a conclusion as some plant care blogs and threads claim Monstera and split-leaf Philodendron are the same plant while others do not, and looking up images is no help, either. In fact, it is not uncommon to find Monstera mislabeled as a split-leaf Philodendron at your local nursery or plant shop. There are some things to remember. That being said, the care of both, including repotting, is fairly similar. Too much direct light in warmer months may burn the foliage. Wear gloves when handling split-leaf philodendron plants since they contain a toxic level of oxalic acid, which will cause skin irritation, as well as gastrointestinal distress, if consumed. Split-Leaf Philodendron Care Tips. Light. Split Leaf Philodendron Care Guide (Light, Temperature, Watering, Fertilizing) When and How to Prune a Split Leaf Philodendron. Propagating a Split Leaf Philodendron. Philodendron can grow to a height of up to 4 feet or about 1.2 meters in the room. For more information about how to repot a lacy tree philodendron, click here. Split Leaf Philodendron Plant Propagation Propagation is achieved with the help of stem cuttings, which can be rooted easily in a glass of water, with or without using root hormone. Light: Normally split-leaf philodendron raises finely in a sunny place. Prune early in the spring while philodendron is still dormant to prevent damage to new growth. Split leaf philodendron - Monstera deliciosa care and culture 0 0 Tuesday, March 24, 2020 Edit this post Split leaf philodendron and its scientific name Monstera deliciosa, also called as Swiss cheese plant, fruit salad plant, fruit salad tree, monster fruit, Mexican breadfruit, windowleaf, is the only ornamental aroid also grown for its fruit. Taking care of a philodendron can be much easier when compared to other kinds of indoor plants, but it is not really “set it and forget it.”. There are two true species of philodendron that also go by the name split-leaf philodendron: Philodendron bipinnatifidum and Philodendron selloum. Try to keep the temperature between 65°F and 85°F and maintain some humidity in the air where the plant will be kept. These plants are both completely different plants than monstera, but go by the same nickname in some cases. If you are exposed to direct sunlight, the Philodendron leaves will appear brown spots. Fluorescent light is also beneficial regarding this matter. Split-leaf philodendron is one common name for Monstera deliciosa, a species of vine native to parts of Central America. When and How to Re-pot Split Leaf Philodendron. You can harvest cuttings when pruning your philodendron plant to manage its growth. Take care not to overwater, since philodendron will rot if kept soggy. There is lots of confusion when it comes to tree and split leaf philodendrons - two different plants. Pruning encourages new spring growth and helps to reduce the risk of disease and pest infestation.

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