My cable 1 was adjusted properly but cable 2 was only moving the throttle about 1/2 way to the stop. Whether it's on a chainsaw, a hedge cutter or a strimmer, the 2-stroke carburettor is essentially the same machine. Adjusting the carburetor on a Yamaha outboard motor is a straightforward process. Bike related chat. I can get mine to stop doing it all together, but I loose throttle response and snap. Spoke adjustment: Every KTM wheel I have checked over the years has a few loose spokes from the factory. Throttle Cable Adjustment. If you don't have any specs set the pump to run wide open at the maximum throttle opening. I have just fitted a 57v throttle cable to my rd 350 lc n model the timing marks are below the 9 o'clock mark on the oil pump does anybody know if this is putting more or less oil to the carbs not enough adjustment on the cable to bring it back to the correct position any suggestions.thanks Turn the screw outwards by 1-1/2 turns. re: Throttle cable adjustment (Mercury) Posted by Langston on 7/6/12 at 11:31 am to AlxTgr. Need An Affordable Option To Adjust Your Clutch Nut On Your H-D ®? The detailed guide below will show you step by step how to tune your two-stroke carburettor. 33.9" Throttle Cable for 70cc-125cc Dirt Bike $5.80. Answer Save. $178.99 $ 178. On the Yamaha pump ... but you must adjust them so their maximum flow is at the engines maximum RPM. 4. Related How to Adjust a Yamaha Outboard Carburetor. Quote; Link to post Share on other sites. Make sure to rotate the propeller shaft while shifting into reverse. Air Cooled RD's . 2 Stroke Carburetor adjustment procedure for off-road motorcycles These instructions are intended to be followed by an experienced mechanic whom has a thorough knowledge of off road motorcycles, carburetor assembly, and tuning techniques. Reply. Any dust covers protecting the cable adjuster should be removed first. 32.3" Throttle Cable for 70cc-125cc Dirt Bike $5.76 . 31.5" Throttle Cable Shifter with adjustment for 50cc-125cc ATV $5.91. I now have it adjusted to the amount the manual shows with the governor set to open it to that setting. LC / YPVS & 500 Chat. The cable end mounting point should follow a 78° arc between closed throttle and WOT in order to achieve the proper amount of pull on the cable. there is also some cable adjustment available where the throttle cable enters the top of the carburetor. 2 or 4 stroke? Throttle Free Play. Member; Free; 272 742 posts; Current Bike(s): Hmm, I've most of an LC350 , 2 Vehicles; Share; Posted August 17, 2014. As the throttle is opened, the needle allows fuel to pass by the taper and between the straight portion of the needle and jet wall. Adjust the carburetor with the engine at idle, and remove all but 1 mm of slack from throttle cable B. Suzuki. AboveGroundPool LSU Fan the basin Member since Aug 2010 3688 posts. When you remove the carburetor from your Yamaha outboard motor, or if the remote shift lever hesitates when you move the motor into or out of gear, you probably need to adjust the shift cable. Adjust the valve on top of the throttle body with a 1/4 turn in the inward direction. ob00351 Attach throttle cable to the throttle lever. 3. Even though it is straightforward, it may leave you feeling like you've spent a great deal of time standing on your head since the adjustments will require you to lean over the top of the motor for at … The Outcasts Diesel Den. You don't want it to be horribly jerky, but a little jerky at no load is fine. Use the throttle to speed up outside of safe harbor on open water. Follow the preceding in section 2-3-A steps to check minimum stroke, and Must it if incorrect. 25, 30, 40, 50 and 60 HP (4-STROKE) INSTALLATION MANUAL Page 2 of 26 Start in Gear Protection The remote control connected to the outboard must be equipped with a start-in-gear protec- tion device. Should be adjustment right near the top of your throttle on the cable. Push-in on the cable end until resistance is felt. Wanted 50, 80& 125cc Bikes or parts . Back to top. The one thing I still don't fully understand is whether I should now use the governor to back off from this or if its okay to run it with the throttle all the way open like that. Any other 2 stroke's. LC / YPVS & 500 Chat. How to Adjust the Carburetor on a 40-HP Mercury 2-Stroke Outboard. During your 2-stroke carb adjustment, pay close attention to the needle. Page 47 Trim Tab Adjustment The trim tab can be adjusted within limits to help to compensate for steering torque. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. Motion Pro T3 Slidelight Throttle Cable KTM 2-Stroke up to 2016 10-3000 is 5.3 inches longer than OEM throttle cable. vate the throttle linkage. Adjust the needle valve with 1-1/2 turns in the outward direction. Mine is the worse when I am at 1/2 throttle with no load. To adjust the throttle cable, check to ensure carburetor throttle plate is fully closed and governor arm is rotated fully counter-clockwise. the cale is longer than stock but i cant get it to,it seems to short . Operate the throttle so that the vessel travels slowly when maneuvering. For Sale 50, 80 & 125cc Bikes or parts. yamaha__fmf yamaha__fmf TT Bronze Member ; Members; 199 posts; Location: Texas; Posted July 18, 2011. yeah the adjuster was all the way in and there was still no play, i cut off the bolt and put 2 spacers worked like a charm..... thanks. This prevents the engine from starting in gear. I don't think I got the adjustment quite right. 80LC & 125LC chat . Usually, you have to take slack out of the cable, but whether there's too much slack or the cable seems short, the procedure for making the adjustment is the same. Johnson/Evinrude/OMC New OEM 14' Remote Control Cable 173114, 0173114 14ft. Next, the locknut should be loosened. Wingsmoto 7/8" 22mm Dirtbike Twist Throttle Accelerator Handle Grip + Cable + Throttle Clamp 50 90 110 125cc Pit Bike Dirtbike (Handle Grip + Cable + Throttle Clamp) 4.3 out of 5 stars 327. Kawasaki. Reply. Dometic SeaStar Control Cable, CC20512, 12ft. Adjust trim tab as follows: 1. What Merc motor? $67.13 $ 67. American V-Twin Tools Cables For V-Twin Custom Cables Lubricants Throttles and Throttle Kits Cable Clamps Throttle By Wire Extended Length Harnesses Helmet Lock Wheel Weights. Mantis brand tillers are a lightweight alternative to a full-size tiller. Check clutch adjustment. Replies (0) 0 0. FREE Shipping. The RD LC Crazy UK 2 Stroke Forum . The jet needle regulates fuel by its taper, diameter, and clip position. I have checked the routing several times and it is all normal. 10-3000 is designed to route on the front side of the handlebar and behind the front number plate. Share this post. How to install a throttle cable on a 2 stroke dirt bike? Honda . 5.0 out of 5 stars 4. By Will Charpentier . Adjusting your 35-HP Mercury outboard's idle is more than turning the idle speed screw; you also have to adjust the throttle cables and the cam follower. Langston USA Fan Member since Nov 2010 7661 posts. Engine has high pitched squeal Check for bent clutch rod. Check that shop manual! Share this post. Installation tips: Route cable opposite side of CDI box. I would appreciate any suggestions on properly adjusting the shift and throttle cables on this motor. This distance must be between 1 7/64" and 1 1/8"! If this does not describe you please stop and seek professional help as engine damage and serious injury can result from improperly assembled and … Shift and Throttle Cable Adjust the cable barrel (b) to attain the measured 60 Hp Models distance “a” taken in Step 2. Italian & Others. In the closed throttle position, the tapered needle shuts off flow from the needle jet. Replies (1) Options Top. On old two strokes you may find that they smoke like crazy. The cable adjuster can then be adjusted in or out so that the throttle grip has the correct amount of free play, which is usually 2-3mm. Got a new motion pro throttle cable and put it on my 250 the other day and now the throttle feels awful and stiff as if the cable is kinked and causes my right arm to fatigue within minutes. Other Yamaha's. Carburetor and Autolube Cable Adjustments . Shift outboard into gear a few times to acti- 1. 13. Replies (0) Options Top. 34.6" Throttle Cable for 50cc-125cc Dirt Bike $5.81. On my 2 stroke there is a physical detent- a ball/spring/hole for N-R-F..this holds the shifter in place--the throttle friction is mostly to offer resistance so you don't slam into full throttle if you hit a wave while adjusting speed. Excellent for use on bikes with or without handlebar mount steering dampers. thanks. Check throttle cable adjustment as follows: a. 34.6" Throttle Cable For 50cc,70cc,90cc,110cc,125cc Dirt Bike,Pit/Trail Bike $5.23. Also note in Figure 2 that the distance from the throttle shaft to the cable end is referenced. 2003 Yamaha G22 Carburetor Adjustment. Restorations. Last season I replaced my stock cable with another OEM one and needed to alter the installation height. Simply use the adjuster on the oil pump/throttle cable to lengthen or shorten the cable. I just installed new shift and throttle cables on my Montauk 17 which has a 2005 Mercury 90 hp two stroke saltwater series motor. Single throttle cable adjustment is straightforward. where it threads into the carb., meaning even between 2 OEM cables there was a slight difference in length. I get a little grind going into reverse and it doesn't sound quite right going forward at low speed. FREE Shipping. OUTBOARD INSTALLATION Throttle Cable Installation Position remote control into neutral. Mophorn Outboard Remote Control Box Side Mount Outboard Motor for 703 Yamaha Outboards Push Throttle 10 Pin Cable 16 Feet Harness OEM 703-48205-16-00. 4.0 out of 5 stars 23. 4.8 … Ehh, you don't have to cut up plugs to do a plug chop . DLG. How to tune a 2-stroke carburettor. 2. Get it as soon as Thu, Dec 10. 2-3-B. WARNING Avoid serious injury or death from a sudden unexpected acceleration when starting your engine. 79. How to Adjust the Carburetor on a 40-HP Mercury 2-Stroke Outboard ... Set the cam follower roller against the throttle cam. How to Adjust the Throttle Cable on a Mantis Tiller. Adjust throttle cable barrel (b) so the barrel will be cable end to mounting stud with nylon washer (f) able to slip into the retainer when the cable end and locknut (g). Most 2 strokes are like this. Page 12: Shift And Throttle Cable 60 Hp 3. Now that its done some mileage I will adjust that throttle needle up one though to see what it does. Secure with washer and locknut. Who rides without a load on the bike anyway:applause: $12.79 $ 12. 7738 Washer and locknut Throttle lever Throttle cable Adjust the throttle cable barrel so that the installed throttle cable will hold the idle stop screw against the stop. Link to post Share on other sites. KevtheRev . Back to top. Update: '06 ec 300 Gas Gas Kehnin PWK SINGLE cable with slide.Motion Pro cable 1 1/2'' longer than stock.Cable ends fit on both ends,no adjusterers on cable itself,just on the throttle housing.Feeling stupid Steve. Arrives before Christmas . Adjust the throttle cable sleeves in their mounting bracket so the roller is centered on the raised mark on the throttle cam, while allowing some slack, between 1/16 inch and 1/8 inch in the throttle cables, as measured with a machinist's ruler. Position remote control into neutral. 32.28" Throttle Cable for 2-stroke 47cc-49cc Dirt Bike $5.46. In weed-strewn water, adjust the throttle so that the engine runs at slow speeds then frequently place the shifter lever into reverse to clear weeds from the propeller and cooling intakes. What pitch? 99. Refer to your owner's manual. Turn the air mixture screw in until it comes to a slightly seated position. Place cable barrel into the bottom hole in the bar- Install cables into the remote control following the rel holder. Then adjust the carburetor and pump as described in the steps below. Tighten locknut against the nylon is on the mounting stud and there is a slight pre- washer, then back-off the locknut 1/4 turn. 1) Throttle Cable Adjustment a. KevtheRev 272 Posted August 17, 2014. 2 Answers. Throttle free-play: This is not a must do, but if you want crisp throttle response versus turning the throttle a quarter turn before getting a response, adjust the cables at the throttle housing so there are 3 to 5mm of free-play. Adjust cable stroke slide valve adjustment at top of carb if possible, some early made YD CNS carbs do not have this feature. Once complete, the locknut can be snugged and dust cover reinstalled. Relevance. Featured Product: Clutch Adjuster Nut Tool for HD . A Simple Solution Without Breaking The Bank. Replies (1) 0 0. 2.

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