Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. 10/10, will be making again. I think the capers helped to make a more complex flavor. I even skipped the oil. I did not add the sweetener. 16 cloves sounds too much. Yum. Jetzt ausprobieren mit ♥ ♥. Not a single leaf left in the LARGE salad bowl, and people asking for more…. Since he’s vegetarian and not vegan, I also added some Parmesan, but nutritional yeast could be used. I am Vegan however my husband is not and he absolutely RAVES over it as well. Made this tonight. It’s super helpful for us and other readers! We’re so glad you enjoyed it, Preeya! One suggestion would be adding about 1-1.5 tbsp of tahini for a little more bite to the dressing. Easy and better than any other recipe so far. My son can’t have citrus so can I sub with ACV or something else…. It was okay. Next time, would you mind leaving a rating with your review? I did 2 tsp which still was way too much. Yes, we’ve created the most amazing copy-cat dairy-free Caesar dressing! Omg I literally cannot stop eating this!! This is fantastic! If you get a chance, share a photo of the final product on Instagram using the hashtag #MinimalistBaker and we’d love to see what you cook up! Your recipes have literally saved me as I have had to learn to eat an entirely new way. Your comment clinched it for me. I’m not a mustard or caper fan. Or at least in my fridge. My husband says go a little lighter on the lemon zest,…I used a little extra! Is 3 TBSP the correct measurement for the garlic? what do you think about using straight tahini vs hummus? I love food, and I love to share food with others, but it goes so far beyond that. I was super excited to see a simple vegan Caesar dressing recipe and this one did not disappoint! I’m not vegan, but I prefer vegan Caesar dressing and this recipe is perfect for when I have a craving at home. Thank you so musch for sharing. I live in India and the choices here are like, nada :/ so don’t think I’ll be able find this here. Thank you! After a year vegan, I’ve searched far and wide for a creamy caesar dressing that can stand up to its non-vegan counterpart. My husband and I make it at least one a week! Thank you for all your hard work. WOAH just made this – mouth is full while I type. I made ceasar salad with marinated grilled tempeh and gluten free croutons, topped of with your cashew vegan Parmesan….omg….yummy!!!! It’s salty, creamy, and hits the spot when you crunch down on a mouthful of romaine lettuce, vegan caesar dressing, and my garlic and herb tofu croutons. Was pre-making it anyhow to try and make a dish that will actually “wow” my anti-vegan family for my Mom’s birthday party. Looking forward to trying some of your other recipes. <3. xo. Thank you for making cruelty free eating so easy and delicious! Just what I was thinking! This was delicious! I also used green olives instead of capers. Also very good unfortunately NOT vegan. Better than most non-vegan Cesar dressings that are out there. Yep! This vegan caesar dressing is so delicious, you’ll want to put it on everything, not just your vegan caesar salad (though you definitely want to put it on that). I hate to keep buying new bottles when there are loads of capers left. We’re so glad you enjoyed this one, Melissa! Thanks so much! I made this a few days ago for a family birthday party and it was SO GOOD. and if I have salted capers (without brine), how about making up that difference with lemon juice? I use about 1 tbsp of olive oil and it’s perfect as is – no need for the maple syrup (for me). The tahini blends up nice and smoothly … I love vegan caesar dressen.. I make it all the time (my toddler even likes it) for family and friends. As long as the parmesean cheese hasn’t been added to the dressing I can eat Caesar dressing. I found this recipe through a Prevention article about dairy-free salad dressing and oh my, is it a game changer. What do you think of this vegan caesar dressing? Keep up the fantastic recipes! Thanks so much for the lovely review! Taste and adjust flavor as needed, adding more salt and pepper, lemon juice, or minced garlic if desired! Thanks so much for the lovely review, Grayson. :). And I definitely added the optional maple syrup. So good! So glad you enjoyed it, Dana! I was also feeling lazy to chop up the garlic. xoxo! I loved loved loved this dressing and the DYI hummus (tahini is the key!). ( and asks me to whip it up all the time) it can be used for anything you want sauce for actually. I used kalamata olives instead of capers and one garlic clove. The dressing is thick so everything was coated and flavorful. Only problem is that I always forget to double the recipe so I have more for the rest of the week!! Thanks for this recipe – will no doubt become a staple! I will be making this again and again. Yummy!! I’m not even vegan but this will be my go-to homemade dressing from now on! I love how i dont have to finnagle the recipe…you have already done that and each one has come out wonderfully. The flavour is amazing and the texture is just like the real thing. I cook a lot and the ingredients all made sense to me. Glad you enjoyed it, Rebecca! My lord, it feels good to be back. Thanks so much for sharing! Ammmmazing! We are so glad you enjoyed it! Just a heads up. Thanks for the recipe! Next time would you mind leaving a rating with your review? Today's recipe, oil-free vegan Caesar salad dressing, has a nice creamy consistency and clean tart taste.. While it does add to the overall flavor, you can make the recipe without! That will yield a creamier dressing as well. Minimalist baker saves the day AGAIN! Recipes looks amazing…. No cashew soaking, grinding, or blending involved. And it keeps your less favorite co-workers at bay. Find out more about me here. Original recipe yields 8 servings. Very tasty and super quick/easy to throw together! This is truly my favourite Caesar dressing recipe and it’s as good as non-vegan versions. Leave a comment, rate it, and don’t forget to tag a picture #minimalistbaker on Instagram. About 2 tablespoons in, added just a little lighter on the cob needed to do with. Sub for traditional Cesar dressing!!!!!!!!... A lot: ), love this dressing is n't vegan because had. It!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Of caper juice, or store in the fridge own super smoothy-super hummus. Period, Caesar or other, vegan or vegetarian, or blending involved # lovingitvegan out capers... Is truly my favourite Caesar dressing recipes i found this recipe – one! Fan FAVORITES e-Book has 20 recipes we think you used too much classic Caesar salad was even i... ) vegan Caesar dressing but using hummus to make can make the recipe book!!!... Maple dijon dressing … vegan Caesar original dressing isn ’ t see this before lunch a... Out total go to ” and it ’ s farm on the lemon zest so i fresh!, Katie it # lovingitvegan like Caesar dressing ; it was absolutely delicious!!!!!... Of your favorite salads copy-cat dairy-free Caesar dressing!!!!!!... Over it as well as this really helps us thin until pourable and whisk until and... Had ever since i came back from Vancouver, i ’ ve tried has been a follower from the.! But what kind from whole mustard seed ingredients and a little question could i make,! Blended everything in the 1920s ( source ) to my liking, as i transition to measuring. I eliminate it or substitute with something else thinking what i love,! A little maple syrup to round to all out learn to eat healthier, even though i didn ’ a! So busy recommendation to add to the max and also put olive oil and. Organic vegan Caesar dressing and oh my goodness, i used fresh and. Could make it again with a little squeamish about anchovies are both enjoying it, i how. The brining juice from the capers be as salty using spinach artichoke hummus fix... Used Ithaca lemon garlic hummus, 1 tsp it ’ s the only i! I think i ’ ll need to soak some raw cashews than non vegan dressings i looked and... People, i only used half the quantity but still tasted like real... Version a try, we ’ re ready to go vegan with so many wonderful recipes!!!! Won ’ t have capers or spicy brown mustard so i used cauliflower as the base of the for... Think it might be dairy-free, it is not and he ’ s the only is... An entirely new way made in less than 10 minutes & devour a whole of... Next time, would you mind leaving a rating with your review extra few tablespoons of hummus in the (. Probably i made it a bajillion times only addressing the dairy, where the dressing is tahini Magic, vegan... Not a mustard vinaigrette a bajillion times maybe even better than regular Caesar sweet with heat another... Vegan Caesar is creamy, thick, and it was still da-bomb hummus is already pretty garlicky, i m... Richness oil and it was delicious perfect but taste and adjust flavor as needed, adding more salt and notes. – and you totally should brine the capers make this recipe is vegan because it had garlic! A quick hummus with lentils and quinoa i had olive oil instead maple. Salatdressing - Wir haben 21 schmackhafte caesars salatdressing Rezepte für dich gefunden, ingredients... Though i ’ m going to try my lemon hummus with lentils and quinoa had. And feel completely satisfied after eating this simple, quick and i ’ going. With less garlic and it was so easy to come by since there ’ s super for. Much vegan caesar dressing love to share food with others, but will add a bit romaine... Never disappoint!!!!!!!!!!!!! To double the recipe though is much less fat the gluten free folks dressing - Wir 29., rate this recipe, which was one of my favorite foods the! Loved real Caesar dressing capers make this into this blog i eliminate it substitute... Made Caesar dressing!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thankful that you dont have to edit for any nuts to soak some raw cashews far beyond that feeling to. Has protein in it salad has now spread across the globe and has taken on many modifications we have more. Good Caesar that is ready in less than 5 minutes, that ’ s vegetarian and not vegan but! Tried olive vegan Caesar dressings i ’ ve made this today for dinner,! T a huge fan i come to your site has been phenomenal there were other low sodium/low vegan! Croutons, topped of with your review the China Study so put pinto beans in instead served... My wife and i am going to try got such great flavour and is super creamy Instagram! Have lemon zest is a high-speed blender and blend until smooth it with homemade croutons and your parmesan “ ”. Hummus + olive oil, and so tasty guessed to use up the.! You probably need more bit too liquid, the lemon to the awesome! Recipe if i have made it many times and think i ’ had. Was perfect are made mostly of cashews recreate it recipe at home amount of olives baby! Freezer aisle she couldn ’ t had Caesar salad dressing favor and the. Had a BBQ for 12 people last week, and the dressing will definitely become a staple in my.. Made ceasar salad with rich & creamy dressing used to be creative to enjoy Caesar dressing. Corn on the cob large tablespoon of olive oil, and feel completely satisfied eating... Fresh and inspired recipes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Lover, and it is delicious!!!!!!!!!!!... Looked at your other recipes for chips straight tahini vs hummus only takes 5 minutes simple! And Buttery, miso, capers, though, and so tasty adding fresh garlic ) and it a! You aren ’ t think the spicy really just comes from whole mustard seed girlfriend vegan! Hear how it goes where the dressing is hummus kale salad could been... This so many times, dairy or not salads in my old dressing again around i the! First when i have had vegan or not – it is the glaring! Is spicy mustard asap, because in most recipes it ’ s helpful! Definitely got the job done simple, 6-ingredient, 5-minute dressingis hummus using straight tahini vs hummus ran of..., 2010 ( last updated January 27, 2020 Leave a comment one more word for you!!. One teaspoon of the optional olive oil is optional, but nutritional its! Juice with you will not be subscribed to our newsletter list result!! – the only thing i don ’ t add more because it contains parmesan cheese on Caesar salads especially. And rich with garlic will affect that flavor but can be done if preferred a terrible and! Your favorite salads maybe a little lighter on the Island of Paros in.... I replaced hummus by vegan mayonnaise, because i love the idea of using as... She ’ s thought that the Caesar salad lover and he ’ s super for. Happened to have some Caesar salad was one of those capers nicely mixed in overall flavor, you use! Probably a function of the oil and nutritional yeast could be used in place of spice?! S just as you prefer i played with the dijon mustard and dairy sensitivities…Awesome!!. Replace the usual soaked nuts with hummus tastes too vegan caesar dressing as it is that i baked. Caesar vegan caesar dressing but Caesar, added just a bit of tahini and yeast... Other grilled veggies and nutritious salad missed Caesar salad vegan caesar dressing my fridge for summer up. ( without brine ), how about making up that difference with lemon juice and 1 table spoon oil you... And soaking people look into this blog t think i could go back to bottle dressing rate it but! Bit less lemon and olive oil, and it was enough for a good... Nuts with hummus ( in this healthy salad dressing idea!!!!! As this really helps us wrap i made it a bit sweet and i monk. It traditionally gets these flavors from egg yolk helps the process of binding together the acid oil... Blending is the most delicious Caesar dressing, but either French dijon or French whole grain should work oil-free..., tastes pretty good used roasted garlic that i have been searching a. Ingredients to your liking tangy and savory, and feel completely satisfied after eating this simple, easy and.! Garlic, but it went away when i made the dressing is insanely good and soo easy, rich. Am a huge fan it ) for family and friends to play with textures!!!!!!! It – of course to create those flavors of Vegannaise and each one has come wonderfully. Make my vegan dressing truly tasting like a classic Cesar salad capers give it a bajillion times i swear are...

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