There is very little that will focus a person’s attention as looking up and seeing the underside of a gas tank.

I needed to cross the street to the parking garage.  Yes ! I was jay walking.

I had seen the green Jeep in front of my building.  I followed a young man out of my building and I recall seeing him get into the Jeep.  But I didn’t think much about it.

So, I step into the street and wait for the traffic to clear and the next thing I see is the underside of the gas tank.

I try to stand as fast as I can and there is a gathering of about 5 people around me.  Several witnesses, the driver of the Jeep with the gas tank and the passenger.

I get all the witness and driver’s information.  I think I am okay.

The next day I visit my doc and they review the x-ray of my back.  Nothing out of place and no damage.  Phew.

It wasn’t until the next day that I see my coffee mug that I was in my rolling brief case.  Check out this dent where my left femur left quite a mark.

I end up with quite a bruise where the bumper of the Jeep hit my right leg and another bruise on my left leg where it hit the steel Starbucks mug.


5 20160226 - Ted's Dented Coffee Cup

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